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We are passionate about providing the best polypropylene products to our clients. For us, polypropylene is versatile and perfectly suited for just about any application. From lightweight to heavy duty grades, it can be used for anything. We are proud to offer a wide range of products using it as well as the flexibility and customisation to make it work for your needs.

Corrugated sheets made from polypropylene are extremely versatile as a packaging medium, and are suited to nearly any application. We can provide you with a large range of grades all the way from lightweight to heavy duty. We also offer customisation and packaging solutions meant for long-term use.

Product Packaging
Layer Pads
Trays and totes
Box Dividers
Order-picking bins

We soundly believe that polypropylene corrugated sheets are the ideal material to be used for light, reusable products for the construction industry. After having worked for many years with professionals in the building sector, we understand your needs and have developed solutions that meet them, while also adhering to international industry requirements.

Temporary Floor Protection
Wall and Door Protection
Beam formwork
Warning Signs

Our speciality is designing, printing, and manufacturing point of sale (POS) signs and displays. The polypropylene corrugated sheets that we create are light, printable, waterproof, easy to handle, and cost effective. Our products lend themselves perfectly to unique POS and signage applications.

Indoor Signs
Outdoor signs
Display Stands
Counter Displays

To meet the productivity and sustainability needs of the agriculture and food industries, we manufacture reusable and lasting polypropylene products. For companies in the food and beverage industry, where hygiene, delivery time, and produce protection are vital, we design custom packaging solutions.

Trays and Totes
Vegetable and fruit boxes/crates
Seafood packaging
Tree & Vine guards

We are proud to say that for many years, we’ve partnered with several of the world’s leading auto manufacturers. For our car manufacturer clients, we provide timely packaging solutions, which are vital for this competitive, fast-paced industry.

Foldable pallet boxes
Cable drum wraps
Protection sheets and products
Dividers and Fittings
Boot flooring and liners

Our representatives, who are experts in their fields and dedicated to the highest level of service, work together with our manufacturing department. This means that we can tailor any product to your specific polypropylene needs.

Refrigerator Backing Panels
Recycle bins
Wardrobe boxes
Storage solutions
Desk Dividers
Workspace Dividers

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